Friday, 24 February 2012

oil paints and black milk!

 works in progress of my first oil painting study. it's just a way for me to practice and become accustomed to the paints. i've never used oils before because i've always been much too intimidated. for my first pack i got a water soluble oil colour set by reeves. i got them for about 16.00 dollars nz from the warehouse. i didn't want  to strike out and buy a really expensive pack right away when i wouldn't appreciate them as i would if i had used something not as good. keeping it simple. so i don't know a lot about oils but i'm finding these all right. i love the extended time for blending the paint out properly. however i miss washing my paint brushes with regularity. i'm washing them with dish washing liquid and water a couple of times a painting session. i don't want to wreck them.
secondly black milk i lurk here and finally i own a piece. it's a black milk swim, "metropolis." the image on the togs is taken from the movie poster of the movie of the same name. i don't have a photo of me in the togs but i recommend them. they're so nice. interested in buying more pieces.
thirdly this tutorial for dyeing your hair. i really want to try it! for now i'm enjoying being a red head, but definitely i'm going to get my hair bleached blonde and have rad colour fun with it. i want the pastel shadessss. so pretty and grungy.

feeling like i missed some opportunities by not taking photos of my hair the time that it was a medium berry shade of pink. oh well. i will remember, in my heart haha. <3 

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  1. love the hair colours.xx